PE plus EMDR graph

Combining PE and EMDR therapy for PTSD

25 May 2020/ NEWS

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Epigenetic evidence for PTSD and higher mortality risk

21 May 2020/ NEWS

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Completing PTSD treatment: it takes a village

20 May 2020/ NEWS

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Lived experience of partners of veterans with PTSD

06 May 2020/ NEWS

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Review of potential therapeutic benefits of psychedelic compounds

05 May 2020/ NEWS

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Does trauma-focussed therapy exacerbate PTSD and substance abuse?

21 Apr 2020/ NEWS

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The psychological impact of quarantine and how to reduce it

20 Apr 2020/ NEWS

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PTSD, Complex PTSD, and Borderline Personality Disorder

20 Apr 2020/ NEWS

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Emotional processing in prolonged exposure therapy

08 Apr 2020/ NEWS

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Telehealth therapy for PTSD

06 Apr 2020/ NEWS

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Psychological interventions for PTSD and depression in refugees

31 Mar 2020/ NEWS

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Anger and aggression after PTSD treatment in military personnel

19 Mar 2020/ NEWS


Mental health trajectories following trauma

15 Mar 2020/ NEWS

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Prolonged Exposure therapy basics explained

11 Mar 2020/ NEWS

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Exposure-based CBT for PTSD in emergency service personnel

10 Mar 2020/ NEWS

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Resilience after trauma: the role of memory suppression

05 Mar 2020/ NEWS

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Psychological therapies for PTSD among military personnel and veterans

02 Mar 2020/ NEWS

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Trauma-focussed therapy for moral injury-based PTSD 

26 Feb 2020/ NEWS

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Trauma-focussed therapy: 5 more tips for therapists

25 Feb 2020/ NEWS

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PTSD state-of-the-art review

19 Feb 2020/ NEWS

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Psychological therapies for complex PTSD

12 Feb 2020/ NEWS

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Trauma-focussed therapy: tips for therapists

12 Feb 2020/ NEWS

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Population-based intervention to reduce distress among South Sudanese refugees

06 Feb 2020/ NEWS

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Complex PTSD and PTSD in US general population

31 Jan 2020/ NEWS

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Mental health burden in Hong Kong during 2019-2020 political protests and social unrest

14 Jan 2020/ NEWS