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About Darryl Wade Psychology


Our Approach

Effective strategies to address trauma-related mental health conditions and collaboration with each client underpin all our services. Our extensive experience working with a diverse range of individual, professional and organisational clients has provided us with an appreciation of the need for individualised assessment and to implement evidence-based solutions in a flexible manner.

We value:
  • Working openly and collaboratively
  • Listening to and understanding the needs of each client
  • Formulating informed responses supported by the best available scientific evidence
  • Providing flexible and practical ‘real world’ solutions
  • Upholding the highest standards of professional and ethical practices across our services


Dr Darryl Wade, Director

Dr Darryl Wade is a fully qualified and registered clinical psychologist with 26 years’ experience in university as well as public and private mental health settings.
Darryl is an internationally recognised expert in the field of posttraumatic stress, and in working with organisations to improve practices to best support those impacted by psychological trauma. The focus of this work has been enhancing mental health outcomes by improving effective practices of primary care, specialist and other practitioners working with military, veteran, emergency service, health and community client groups. He has worked closely with the Commonwealth and state governments, including the Commonwealth Departments of Veterans’ Affairs, Defence, and Health, as well as professional, industry and community organisations.
Darryl is an engaging trainer and clinical supervisor who draws on a wealth of clinical experience working with clients with trauma-related mental health conditions. He is Australia’s only accredited Prolonged Exposure therapy trainer and consultant with the Centre for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety, University of Pennsylvania, US.
Darryl is an experienced practitioner who uses the most effective treatment approaches and interventions to assist individuals to reduce their symptoms and distress and feel more in control of their lives.
Until recently Darryl held the positions of Head of Practice Improvement and Innovation at Phoenix Australia Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health and Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, The University of Melbourne.



The Australian Psychological Society
Australian Psychological Society College of Clinical Psychologists
The International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

Academic Qualifications

From The University of Melbourne:
BA (Honours)
MA (Clinical Psychology)
PhD undertaken in the Department of Psychiatry

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